Jewelry Insurance

Your jewelry is valued possessions that you want to protect. But it’s also more than that. The pieces have meaning and bring back memories of people and times that are important to you. Bill Arrington Insurance Agency can help protect your jewelry pieces from theft, damage, disappearance, or loss is as important as protecting anything that is of great value.

The jewelry that you would like to protect is more than the money that was spent on it. Everything that went into the purchase: the time spent thinking about it and then the shopping. Perhaps you, or the person who bought it for you, worked with a jeweler to personalize the piece. We understand that a gift of jewelry is about the time, the moment and the thought that goes into it. Bill Arrington Insurance Agency knows that experience is irreplaceable. We know those are the memories that need to be preserved.

Because you want to wear your jewelry and not keep it locked away, we have affordable insurance just for you. You should be able to wear and enjoy the pieces that have so much meaning to you. This is why jewelry insurance should be included as part as the jewelry gift.                               

Contact Bill Arrington Insurance Agency to discuss exactly what jewelry insurance would apply to your needs so we can start protecting your memories.